Native Tribal Casinos Taking Millions in Ransomware Losses

An FBI notification is warning of an uptick in attacks against tribal casinos.

Ransomware groups have made millions off attacks on native tribal casinos in the U.S., just over the past few months.

A notification issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) cybercrime unit, according to a new report from Bleeping Computer, said that ransomware attacks on tribal casinos date back to 2016 — but a recent uptick has raised the alarm.

The alert reportedly identified notorious ransomware groups, including Bitpaymer, Conti, Cuba, REvil, Ryuk and Snatch, which have launched successful attacks on casinos, shutting down operations and stealing data.

The FBI also said in the notification that the groups targeted tribes with the assumption they lack extensive cybersecurity infrastructure and enforcement reach.

Tribal Casino Breaches

Several incidents have become pubic. For instance, six Lucky Star tribal casinos belonging to the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes were shut down by ransomware last July, and in May the Seminole Nation’s casino in Oklahoma was also breached, according to the Tribal Business News.

In 2020 two Nez Perce Tribe casinos in Idaho were shut down by attacks, along with the Clearwater River Casino & Lodge in Lewiston

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