New Twists on Gift-Card Scams Flourish on Black Friday

Fake merchandise and crypto jacking are among the new ways cybercriminals will try to defraud people flocking online for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday cyber-pariahs have revamped gift-card scams to better target modern online shoppers hungry for deals post-Thanksgiving. Experts warn new tactics include bogus gift-card generators that install malware designed to sniff out a victim’s cryptocurrency wallet address.

Internet-based Black Friday and Cyber Monday scams have become as common as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. That’s why scammers save to trot out new ways to snare cyber-savvy shoppers. In a Tuesday-post, researchers at Malwarebytes Labs, outlined this year’s latest gift-card scams. One novel twist includes offering gift cards for significantly less than face value as a ploy to entice users to buy stolen gift-cards or download malware.

“If you see websites offering all kinds of discounts on gift cards, you can be assured that these will turn out to be fakes or they have been acquired in an illegal way and you could be acting as a fence,” wrote Pieter Artnz, Malwarebytes malware intelligence researcher.

Generating Scams, Not Gift Cards

Researchers said they have been tracking a number of websites that claim to

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