NSO Group Pegasus Spyware Aims at Finnish Diplomats

Finland is weathering a bout of Pegasus infections, along with a Facebook Messenger phishing scam.

The controversial Pegasus spyware, developed by NSO Group, has been found on the devices of Finland’s diplomatic corps serving outside the country as part of a wide-ranging espionage campaign, according to Finnish officials.

They also said the infections were of the zero-click variety.

“The highly sophisticated malware has infected users’ Apple or Android telephones without their noticing and without any action from the user’s part,” Finland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs announced.  “Through the spyware, the perpetrators may have been able to harvest data from the device and exploit its features.”

The disclosure said the espionage campaign was shut down and that the case was being investigated throughout the “autumn and winter 2021-2022.”

Although Finnish diplomatic communications conducted over mobile devices are usually not of the highest sensitivity, the Ministry added, the compromise is something the government is taking seriously.

“Information transmitted by telephone is public or classified at level 4 at the maximum, which is the lowest level of classified information,” the Ministry said.  “However, it is worth noting that even if information is not directly classified, the information itself and

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