Organizations Face a ‘Losing Battle’ Against Vulnerabilities

Companies must take more ‘innovative and proactive’ approaches to security in 2022 to combat threats that emerged last year, researchers said.

After a banner year for vulnerabilities and cyberattacks in 2021, organizations believe they are fighting a “losing battle” against security vulnerabilities and threats, “despite the billions of dollars spent collectively on cybersecurity technology,” according to an annual security report from BugCrowd.

This perception comes after 2021 found organizations grappling with the complexities of hybrid environments—with many corporate workers still at home due to the pandemic–an explosion of ransomware, and the emergence of the supply chain as a major attack surface, according to the report, Priority One Report 2022.

The collective feeling of defeat among security professionals—as well as a continued cybersecurity skills gap, with 2.7 cybersecurity roles still to be filled–will “fuel an interest in more innovative and proactive approaches to security in 2022,” according to the report. This will include turning to the global research community and its programs for bug bounties and vulnerability disclosure for help in uncovering and combating threats, researchers said.

BugCrowd provides a crowdsourced approach to manage organizations’ pen test, bug bounty, vulnerability disclosure and attack surface management. The 2022

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