QuaDream, 2nd Israeli Spyware Firm, Weaponizes iPhone Bug

The now-patched flaw that led to the ForcedEntry exploit of iPhones was exploited by both NSO Group and a different, newly detailed surveillance vendor.

ForcedEntry – the exploit of a zero-click iMessage zero day that circumvented Apple’s then-brand-new BlastDoor security feature starting a year ago – was picked apart not just by NSO Group with its Pegasus spyware but also by a newly uncovered, smaller smartphone-hacking toolmaker named QuaDream.

Reuters published details on QuaDream last week. The outlet relied on input from five sources familiar with the matter, plus a look at two QuaDream product brochures dating from 2019 and 2020 that its reporters got their hands on.

Three people familiar with the matter told Reuters that QuaDream and NSO Group have shared employees over the years. Two sources also said that QuaDream and NSO Group came up with the iPhone exploit techniques on their own, separately — as opposed to collaborating.

In September, Citizen Lab published details about having captured NSO Group’s ForcedEntry exploit in the wild, though its security researchers believe that it was first used in February 2021. Apple had just introduced BlastDoor, a structural improvement in iOS 14 meant to block

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