Relentless Log4j Attacks Include State Actors, Possible Worm

More than 1.8 million attacks, against half of all corporate networks, have already launched to exploit Log4Shell.

Call it a “logjam” of threats: Attackers including nation-state actors have already targeted half of all corporate global networks in security companies’ telemetry using at least 70 distinct malware families — and the fallout from the Log4j vulnerability is just beginning.

Researchers manning keyboards all over the world have spent the past several days chasing attacks aimed at a now-infamous Log4j Java library bug, dubbed Log4Shell (CVE-2021-44228). Side note: Log4j is pronounced, “log forge” — although that’s disputed, because it’s also referred to in conversation as “log-four-jay.” Dealer’s choice there.

First discovered among Minecraft players last week, the newly discovered vulnerability has opened a massive opportunity for threat actors to hijack servers, mostly with coin miners and botnets, but also a cornucopia of other malware such as the StealthLoader trojan — and that’s just so far.

“We’ve seen a lot of chatter on Dark Web forums, including sharing scanners, bypasses and exploits,” Erick Galinkin, an artificial intelligence researcher at Rapid7, told Threatpost. “At this point, more than 70 distinct malware families have been identified by us and other security

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