Segway Hit by Magecart Attack Hiding in a Favicon

Threat Post -

Visitors who shopped on the company’s eCommerce website in January will likely find their payment-card data heisted, researchers warned.

Segway, maker of the iconic – and much-spoofed – personal motorized transporter familiar from guided city tours everywhere, has been serving up a nasty credit-card harvesting skimmer via its website – likely linked to Magecart Group 12.

That’s according to Malwarebytes, which noted that “We already have informed Segway so that they can fix their site, but are publishing this blog now in order to raise awareness.” Segway, which is now owned by Chinese company Ninebot, did not immediately return a request for confirmation that the site is cleaned.

Magecart is a loose umbrella term encompassing various affiliated groups of financially motivated cybercriminals who all employ a similar skimming malware to harvest information – in particular payment-card information – that shoppers enter into checkout pages on eCommerce websites. Magecart 12 is one of the latest iterations of the group, known for consistently switching up its tactics.

Typically, across Magecart groups, the skimmers are injected into unsuspecting merchant websites be exploiting vulnerable versions of popular eCommerce platforms, such as outdated iterations of Magento or WooCommerce. That’s what researchers

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