Top VPN Scams Revealed – Here’s What to Look Out for in 2022

The VPN scams discussed in this article may sound harmless to many but in reality, they are happening every day and causing a lot of damage.

A VPN is a crucial necessity these days but the same goes for online security and privacy. This is because of the increased amount of time that users spend online. The solution to this is a VPN, but even with a private network, there are a few scams that you need to be aware of.

Lifetime Subscriptions

One of the VPN scams that you need to be cautious and wary about involves the ones that provide lifetime subscriptions. It takes a significant amount of money to fund and maintain a quality VPN, as money is used for servers, app development and maintenance, security features, and other elements that need constant financial support to keep up to date and effective.

If a company offers a lifetime service for a small fee, you have to question if those services will be effective in the long term. Even if the VPN is legitimate now, if the service goes down in a few years due to a lack of funding, then you are going to be left

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