Trickbot malware infects 140,000+ customer devices of tech giants

According to researchers, TrickBot malware has targeted customers of over 60 high-profile corporations since November 2020 including Google, Microsoft, PayPal, Bank of America, and others.

As per the latest report published by Check Point Research Team, TrickBot developers are constantly striving to improvise the malware’s functionalities. For your information, TrickBot is a banking trojan that first emerged in 2016 and since has evolved into an all-encompassing ecosystem of a botnet, malware, and ransomware over the years.

140,000+ TrickBot Infections Since Nov 2020

According to Check Point researchers, there has been significant activity from TrickBot operators since 2020. The report comprised data obtained since November 2020, during which the company claims over 140,000 devices have been infected by the trojan, targeting customers of around sixty high-profile corporations, including but not limited to the following:

PayPalGoogleAmazonMicrosoftWells Fargo Bank of AmericaAmerican Express TrickBot hits devices used by general public

Check Point’s cybersecurity, research, and innovation manager, Alexander Chailytko, noted that these 140,000 machines infected over 16 months are mainly computers used by the general public and some organizations. This number is not final, which is why the company wrote over 140,000 machines since the gathered data represents the telemetry received from customers of Check

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