Web Filtering and Compliances for Wi-Fi Providers

Demand for public Wi-Fi is on the rise. Usually free of charge, but there is a risk of expensive losses. Learn ways to protect yourself from cyber-threats.

The demand for public Wi-Fi is increasing constantly due to the increase of smartphone owners and remote workers. Researchers at VPNMentor say that there are approximately 549 million Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide. Another survey by Semantic found that 87 percent of U.S. consumers have used the readily available public internet at a cafe, airport or hotel.

Connecting to those hotspots is usually free of charge, but there is a risk of expensive losses. According to PwC, consumers expect companies to protect their data proactively; 92 percent of consumers say companies must be proactive about data protection, 82 percent agree that the government should regulate how companies use private data, and 72 percent think that businesses, not the government, are best equipped to protect them.

While it is impossible to guarantee 100 percent protection on public Wi-Fi, there are certain measures that can be taken to significantly reduce the risk of cyberthreats over the network and most countries started forcing Wi-Fi providers to include cybersecurity protection along with the internet in order

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