Web Skimming Attacks Using Google Tag Manager

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E-commerce websites are much more popular than they used to be, people tend to shop online more and more often. This leads to the growth of an attack called web skimming. Web skimming is a type of attack on e-commerce websites in which an attacker inserts malicious code into a legitimate website. One of the most targeted e-commerce platforms is Magento. The reason why Magento is so popular among attackers is that Magento is known for many vulnerabilities. However, this doesn’t mean that other platforms aren’t being targeted, for example, sites using WooCommerce have also been victims.

In this posting, we go over what web skimming attacks are and how they work. We then analyze a series of web skimming attacks that we found which were active from March 2021 to the present. These attacks abused the Google Tag Manager and mainly targeted sites in Argentina and Saudi Arabia.

Overview of Web Skimming Attacks

The purpose of the malicious web skimming code is to steal the website’s customers’ payment details. This attack can simply be compared to an attack on physical ATMs, where instead of hardware skimmers, malicious code is used to steal payment card information.

Web skimming is

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