What to Know About Anti-Malware Solutions for 2022

Anti-malware software is something that can save your business from total financial destruction and save its reputation. 

Anti-malware software can be the deciding factor in whether your business survives in 2022. Malware, short for malicious software, is the general term to describe any software which aims to cause damage to your server, computer, or computer network. 

Designed and created solely for criminal purposes, malware is used to attain unauthorized access to personal and financial information, destroy files, espionage, and other illegal activities.

According to the State of Email Security survey , in 2020, as many as 61% of organizations found that malware activity had spread from one employee to another, with that number reaching an astonishing 74% in 2021.

And the cost of these cybercrime hits businesses where it hurts. For example, Sophos claims that ransomware can cause an average of USD 732,520 for those that don’t pay for the demanded ransom and as much as US$1,448,458 for those that do.

This considers downtime, device cost, people time, lost opportunity, network costs, and the ransom paid.

What types of malware exist, and how can you leverage anti-malware software to increase profitability?

Let’s dive in.

Potential Malware Attack Techniques

There are

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