YouTube Used to Push Password-Stealing Malware

A Trojan is a type of malware that acts according to the Greek legend, as it camouflages itself as a legitimate file or program to trick unsuspecting users into installing it on their PCs.

This is how unsuspecting users will give unauthorized remote access to cyber attackers. The threat actors will now be able to spy on a user’s activity (web browsing, computer activity, etc.), in order to collect and harvest sensitive data, delete files, or download more malware onto the PC, and more.

The threat actors are becoming more innovative as they started to use YouTube videos as a way to distribute malware through embedded links in video descriptions.

Security researcher Frost from Cluster25 disclosed for  BleepingComputer that he noticed a significant rise in malware campaigns on YouTube pushing various password-stealing Trojans.


It seems that at this time we’re dealing with two clusters of malicious activity both conducted simultaneously – one pushing the RedLine malware and the other pushing Racoon Stealer.

Thousands of videos and channels were generated as part of the huge virus effort, according to the researcher, with 100 new videos and 81 channels formed in just twenty minutes.

Frost stated that the threat actors utilize the stolen Google accounts

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