2022 Cybersecurity predictions: Bitdefender Expert Picks

2021 wasn’t the best year for cybersecurity — if you pitted companies versus malicious hackers, hackers easily took the lead and seem to be in a prime position to repeat their success in 2022 unless things change.

Ransomware continued to impact thousands of companies, skyrocketing in 2021 despite having already shot up 2020. With the Colonial Pipeline attack, we were able to see the reach and devastation these ransomware attacks could have. 

The newest zero-day exploit, log4j, sent companies and major third-parties into a scramble highlighting the risk involved with a distributed and connected environment that relies on a wide third-party vendor network.

Uncertainty only continues to build through 2022 as organizations continue to struggle with  uncertainty of COVID, variants, and the risk remote work and connected devices bring to a company looking to cope.

With 2022 on the horizon, what threats (and more) can security leaders expect to face?

Major infrastructures are at risk and will be common targets

The colonial pipeline attack won’t be the last to hit a critical infrastructure system. Nation-state attackers, emboldened by politics, and the success of previous attacks, will likely target more critical infrastructures. On the other hand, hacker groups, seeing the possibility of

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