Advanced Threat Protection in the Modern Age: An Interview with a Threat Hunter

These days, the line between our online and offline lives has become indistinguishable. Our home lives, professional work, community services, economic prosperity and even national security are all connected to and impacted by the internet. This is why cybersecurity must be everyone’s priority. To help people understand what they can do to better protect themselves or their organizations, we sat down with one of Bitdefender’s own cybersecurity experts, Tyler Baker for a Q&A.

Tyler works behind the scenes in our Cyber Intelligence Fusion Cell – a highly sophisticated security operations center (SOC) that supports Bitdefender’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services. In his role as Threat Intelligence Manager, Tyler draws upon his previous experience in military intelligence as well as his civilian career, to hunt down and mitigate threats in customer environments. As a threat hunter, Tyler goes beyond what cybersecurity technologies and tools can detect. He leverages his expertise and knowledge of how cybercriminal gangs behave and what their motives are, in order to add important context around threats, which enables Bitdefender’s MDR services to protect our customers better than any cybersecurity technology alone ever could.

This is the first in a series on the Cybersecurity Heroes who power Bitdefender

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