ALPHV BlackCat, a New Ransomware

The new ransomware operation, which debuted last month, has the potential to be the most sophisticated ransomware of the year, with a highly adjustable feature set that allows for assaults on a wide range of corporate setups.

The ransomware executable is written in Rust, a programming language that, while not often used by malware creators, is gaining popularity because to its high efficiency and memory safety.

The researchers at MalwareHunterTeam were the ones that found the new ransomware named ALPHV that is being promoted on Russian-speaking hacking forums.

There is a very interesting new Rust coded ransomware (first ITW?), BlackCat.
Another one used to encrypt companies’ networks.
Already seen some victims from different countries, from the second half of past November.
Also look at that UI. Back to ’80s?
πŸ˜‚@demonslay335 @VK_Intel

β€” MalwareHunterTeam (@malwrhunterteam) December 8, 2021

As explained by BleepingComputer, ALPHV BlackCat is a Raas, therefore the ALPHV BlackCat operators recruit affiliates to perform corporate breaches and encrypt devices.

Ransomware-as-a-Service is an illicit β€˜parent-affiliate(s)’ business infrastructure, in which operators (i.e., malicious software owner and/or developer) provision tools to affiliates (i.e., customers) for the purpose of carrying out ransomware attacks.

ALPHV BlackCat Ransomware Features

The ALPHV BlackCat malware has a number of innovative characteristics

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