Bitdefender Threat Debrief | January 2022

The Bitdefender Threat Debrief (BDTD) is a monthly series analyzing threat news, trends, and research from the previous month. You can find all previous debriefs here. 

Highlight of the month: 2022 – Another year of ransomware!?

The year 2021 was marked with professionalization of ransomware groups. While there are still plenty of opportunistic attacks and for-fee ransomware-as-a-service offerings (RaaS 1.0), the modern profit-sharing ransomware model (RaaS 2.0) is the real danger. 

REvil, Maze, Conti, BlackMatter, and others have shown how much damage this new generation of ransomware operators with affiliates programs can cause. Being financially motivated, they keep improving and inventing new methods to increase pressure on their victims, leading to higher yields. In 2021, we have seen ransom demands in the range of tens of millions of dollars. In 2022, software supply chain attacks can be the force multiplier that will push the ransom demands over $100M mark. 

Or not. Large scale attacks also bring attention, and 2021 was a year when ransomware stopped being a concern only for cybersecurity and tech communities and found its place in mainstream media headlines and board meetings. Most cybercriminals prefer to

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