Bitdefender Threat Debrief | November 2021

The Bitdefender Threat Debrief (BDTD) is a monthly series analyzing threat news, trends, and research from the previous month. You can find all previous debriefs here.

Highlight of the month: Introducing Android report

We keep adding new cybersecurity research to our monthly threat debrief! Last month, we added a homograph phishing report focused on top spoofed domains and the most common targets. This month, we introduce a section focused exclusively on mobile threats targeting Android.

Our mobile research is timely as the European Union considers a draft of the Digital Markets Act. Under the new Act, phone makers are required to allow third-party software from unofficial app stores to be supported on all platforms. While the Digital Markets Act will probably not become law prior to 2023, it is an important security topic that has been getting more attention recently and something to keep close watch on. We have previously seen advanced malware on Android – if you want to learn more about this topic, we recommend a white paper Uprooting Mandrake: The Story of an advanced Android Spyware Framework That Went Undetected for 4 Years.

Defense-in-depth is an important concept for all aspects of cybersecurity, including mobile. In this

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