Bitdefender’s 20th Anniversary: A look at the past, present, and future through its people

We’re incredibly excited to celebrate Bitdefender’s 20th anniversary and thought we would take this opportunity to highlight some of the amazing individuals that have helped Bitdefender thrive over the past few years

We spoke to heads of the consumer, business, and labs department to get their perspective on what the cybersecurity landscape looked like in the past (and what we can learn from it), what challenges we’re seeing in the wild today, and what kind of threats and advances we can expect in the near future.

First, let’s meet our experts.

Alex “Jay” Balan – Director, Security Research

Bogdan “Bob” Botezatu – Director, Threat Research

Alexandru Catalin Cosoi – Sr. Director, Investigations & Forensics Unit

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This interview has been edited for clarity and length

Past Can you tell us about when you first heard of Bitdefender and how it led to you working here?

Alex “Jay” Balan (AJB): I’m Romanian and Bitdefender is a Romanian brand. It’s been a tremendous point of pride for us Romanians to have a company as successful as BitDefender.  Even back in 2004, Bitdefender was already a worldwide brand and we were very, very happy to be in the same country as them.


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