Cox Media Group Ransomware Attack Confirmed

Cox Media Group (CMG), an American media conglomerate, reported that it was attacked by a ransomware assault in June 2021, which knocked off live TV and radio broadcast feeds.

In a data breach notification letter delivered via US Mail to over 800 impacted people, the company admitted the incident.

On June 3, 2021, CMG experienced a ransomware incident in which a small percentage of servers in its network were encrypted by a malicious threat actor. CMG discovered the incident on the same day, when CMG observed that certain files were encrypted and inaccessible.

CMG quickly took its systems offline as a precautionary measure and took additional steps to prevent further unauthorized access. CMG also began a thorough investigation with the support of leading outside cybersecurity experts and promptly reported the incident to the FBI, including the Newark and Dallas field offices.

CMG did not pay a ransom or provide any funds to the threat actor as a result of this incident. There has been no observed malicious activity in CMG’s environment since June 3, 2021. Although there was no initial indication (including from the threat actor) that data may have been taken in the incident, and although none has

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