DarkSide Ransomware 101

Ransomware could be considered the most prevalent threat in this cybersecurity landscape.

As hackers discover new ways to profit from ransomware assaults, the frequency of these attacks is increasing.

Hackers will plan their attacks with care and patience, and will strike when the conditions are appropriate as the ability to conduct effective reconnaissance could be critical to the success of any cybercrime operation.

One example of such diligence when it comes to the in-depth research used to target a potential victim is the DarkSide group.

What Is Darkside Ransomware?

DarkSide is a ransomware group that was first noticed in July 2020, targeting companies all around the world.

Darkside’s assaults indicate a thorough understanding of the victims’ architecture, security systems, and vulnerabilities. It’s worth noting that the ransomware operation has indicated that they prefer not to target hospitals, schools, non-profits, or governments, instead preferring to target major companies that can afford to pay hefty ransoms.

Darkside group is operating under the form of a Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS). In this way the gains are shared between its holders and partners, or affiliates, who allow entry to companies and execute the ransomware. The DarkSide ransomware gang gets around 25% of a ransom payment, and the

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