How a Cyber Criminal Justice System Resolves Disputes

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How a Cyber Criminal Justice System Resolves Disputes

The darknet community uses its own underground justice system to solve disputes that arise between one cyber criminal and another.

Crime and Punishment for Cyber Criminals

In this underground justice system, a ‘case’ begins when two parties experience a disagreement. Analyst1 gave the example of a threat actor having purchased compromised network access from an initial access broker who had already sold that access to someone else. The buyer responded by asking for a refund, but the seller refused to fulfill their request.

The buyer can then choose to initiate action against the seller. First, they open a thread on a dedicated sub-forum. There, they provide details including a brief of the claim, the nickname of the defendant and the defendant’s contact information, such as their email address or Telegram profile. They must also provide evidence such as screenshots, receipts of cryptocurrency transactions and more to support their claim.

At that point, the accuser must wait for a forum administrator or other high-ranking authorized cyber criminal to accept the role of arbiter over the case. The assignment of an arbiter creates

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