Minecraft Alt Lists Used by Chaos Ransomware

Chaos ransomware is an in-development ransomware builder that is being advertised as the latest iteration of Ryuk on underground hacker forums.

Fake Minecraft alt lists published on gaming forums are used by the ransomware gang to encrypt gamers’ Windows devices.’

What Happened?

Minecraft is a wildly popular sandbox video game that is presently played by over 140 million people and is a top-selling title in Japan, according to Nintendo sales figures.

It seems that a newly discovered form of the Chaos ransomware is now being disseminated in Japan, encrypting Minecraft users’ data and dropping ransom letters.

Threat actors utilize ‘alt list’ text files that seemingly include stolen Minecraft account credentials, but are really Chaos ransomware executables.

What Are Alt Lists?

Minecraft users who seek to troll or annoy other players without risking their accounts being banned may occasionally search ‘alt’ lists for stolen accounts to use for bannable actions.

Alt lists are constantly in demand due to their popularity, and they are frequently given for free or through automated account generators that provide the community with “spare” accounts.

Phishing attacks are frequently used to breach accounts. Users enter in their account information on websites claiming to be Mojang.

These lists may be found

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