Protecting Against Recent Ransomware Attacks

Trend Micro -

As ransomware continues to evolve, your security strategy must as well. Modern ransomware attacks are targeting enterprises with significant revenues, causing serious concerns for those holding intellectual property data, proprietary information, private employee data, and customer data. Such data leaks can lead to steep fines, penalties, lawsuits, and overall reputation damage. Discover more in our case study Modern Ransomware’s Double Extortion Tactics and How to Protect Enterprises Against Them.

Malicious actors continue to take advantage of modern technologies to launch more effective and destructive ransomware attacks. One tactic used often today is double extortion—a precise attack where cybercriminals exfiltrate the data first and then demand a ransom, ensuring that that if their target refuses to pay, they can leak the sensitive data online and damage the organization’s reputation. This is a step up from just encrypting the files and not providing a means to decrypt them upon failure to pay.

Trend Micro Research conducted an in-depth case study of the Nefilim ransomware family to show how enterprises can formulate an effective defense strategy. The profile of a Nefilim victim is broad in terms of location and industry, but commonly companies with a revenue of more than USD $1 billion

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