Ransomware Attack Suffered by FinalSite Shuts Down Thousands of Websites

FinalSite is a software as a service (SaaS) company that provides K-12 school districts and institutions with website design, hosting, and content management solutions. FinalSite is apparently providing solutions for over 8,000 institutions and colleges in 115 countries.

What Happened?

Recently, school districts whose websites were hosted by FinalSite discovered that they were no longer accessible or displayed errors.

FinalSite did not reveal that they had been attacked at the time, instead stating that they were having error and “performance difficulties” across different services, primarily their Composer content management system.

We are currently investigating an issue leading to increased error rates and performance issues across our legacy modules, and our team is investigating a fix as a critical priority. We’ll provide additional updates as soon as we have them.

This impact may include, but is not limited to, Groups Manager, Constituent Manager, Login, Forms Manager (old), Registration Manager, Directory Elements, Athletics Manager, Calendar Manager.


BleepingComputer observed that FinalSite did not give school IT administrators a time window for when services would be restored, forcing them to send out emails informing parents of the outage.

Our website is currently down due to an issue that our service provider is experiencing. We

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