Swire Pacific Offshore Operations hit by Cl0p ransomware gang

As seen by Hackread.com, the Cl0p ransomware gang has leaked partial SPO data including names, email addresses, passport scans, and more.

Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO) has confirmed becoming a victim of a targeted cyberattack by the Cl0p ransomware gang. The company claims that personal information and classified proprietary commercial information might be exposed.

For your information, SPO is Swire conglomerate’s marine services division.

About the Attack

The company didn’t share details of the attack, but it is speculated that the Cl0p ransomware gang targeted it with ransomware because the gang has updated its blog, flaunting that it has successfully breached SPO’s systems.

According to SPO, the attack didn’t impact its global operations as it took immediate action to reinforce already implemented security measures.

The company further noted that it takes cyber attacks and illegal data access seriously and will not be threatened by such unlawful actions to compromise the privacy/confidentiality of data.

Swire Pacific Offshore Operations hit by Cl0p ransomware gang

At the time of publishing this article, the company’s official website was down for maintenance.

In a statement, SPO’s representative stated that:

“SPO has reported the incident to the

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