Top 5 Healthcare Cyber Attacks and Threats

Even before the novel coronavirus pandemic, which forced healthcare organizations to shift to provide patients remote care and telemedicine rapidly, the healthcare industry had already embraced the cloud, as well as the digital transformation of their technology systems and business models.

The result for healthcare security teams is that they have a much larger and more dynamic attack surface in which to contend.

The result for healthcare cybersecurity teams is that they have an ever-increasing attack surface they must protect when cyber-criminals are choosing to target healthcare organizations more than ever before. And one of the reasons they’re targeting healthcare data is because it’s so valuable within the underground markets. As we covered in The Five Biggest Challenges in Healthcare Security Right Now, a Social Security number may demand $1 on the dark web, while a Driver’s license may get $20. However, medical records will get up to $1,000 depending on how complete the information. The only other data that equals or surpasses healthcare data value among criminals is a U.S. Passport, which can fetch $1,000 to $2,000.

With the heightened value of healthcare data and the increasing business-technology healthcare attack surface, organizations in the healthcare industry need to be

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