Virtual Global Anti-Ransomware Event Takes Place This Week

Over 30 countries are to be participants this week in a global anti-ransomware event that will unfold via virtual meetings. To these kinds of meetings, the White House National Security Council invited ministers and senior officials who represent the countries involved. This event has the goal to gather together states in a common effort against ransomware since it has been a real threat for a while.

In this sense, the White House released yesterday a fact sheet detailing the counter-ransomware event and the topics that will be addressed there, pointing out to ransomware payouts’ growth as they exceeded $400 million in 2020 all over the world and went beyond $81 million in 2021’s first quarter.

The Global Anti-Ransomware Event: Details

The global anti-ransomware event that will take place this week was announced by president Joe Biden on the 1st of October. He then specified that the U.S. will gather together partners and allies to join forces against ransomware attacks.

National resilience, illicit financing, disruption, and diplomacy are all topics that will be addressed in the virtual meetings. These join the Biden Administrations’s efforts which are organized in 4 directions, according to the fact sheet published and mentioned above:


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