Why Third-Party Testing is Critical for Informed Customer Decisions

With 400+ new threats discovered each minute and 30 billion threat queries validated daily; it is fair to say that 2021 is a banner year for cybercrime.  While some cybercriminals engage in high-profile attacks that are planned for months; other are more opportunistic and go after easy targets.  

Now more than ever, to stay ahead of attackers, organizations need a security solution with proven capabilities to protect against these threats. But choosing a security solution is one of the most challenging decision that organizations face today. Increased threat sophistication, time, and resource constraints don’t make the job any easier.  

This is where third-party testing comes in by: 

  • providing insights into emerging requirements 
  • eliminating doubt and instilling trust through validation of results 
  • helping organizations identify potential security solutions that meet their needs and requirements.  Third-party testing results from AV-Comparatives

    We’re excited to share that Bitdefender GravityZone scored 100% in the Business Real-World Protection Test, according to the recently released Business Test Fact Sheet August-September

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