Imperva mitigated a series of massive ransom DDoS attacks

Imperva, a cyber security software and services company has thwarted a massive 2.5 million RPS (requests per second) ransom DDoS attack, the company has revealed.

Ransom DDoS attacks (DDoS aka distributed denial of service) are nothing new, but lately, there has been a sudden surge in their incidences. As per a new report from cybersecurity firm Imperva, the company recently thwarted a massive 2.5 million RPS (requests per second) ransom DDoS attack.

Incident Details

According to the details shared by Imperva’s security analyst Nelli Klepfish, the entity against which the DDoS attack was targeted received multiple ransom notes during the attack. Klepfish noted that the company paid the attackers in bitcoin to remain online and prevent the loss of “hundreds of millions” in market cap.

One of the ransom notes Imperva’s targeted customer received.

Imperva mitigated more than 12 million embedded requests targeting the company’s main website with random URLs. Furthermore, researchers identified threatening messages that were part of the requests as the attackers demanded ransom.

The same day, on the same site, according to Imperva’s blog post, it again thwarted more than 15 million requests however, this time the URL contained a different message. But, the attackers used

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