Ciaran Martin: Resilience key to cyber defence

Fran Kelly: Australia has seen a 13% increase in cyber-attacks over the past year as cyber criminals take advantage of large numbers of people working from home. In its Annual Threat Report, the Australian Cyber Security Centre says a cybercrime is now reported every eight minutes in Australia. Ciaran Martin is the former chief executive of the UK National Cyber Security Centre. He has just taken on a role as an adviser to the Australian cyber security firm CyberCX. Ciaran Martin, welcome to RN Breakfast.

Ciaran Martin: Thanks for having me, Fran. Good morning.

Fran Kelly: Ciaran, one of the findings of the Australian report is that the pandemic is changing the way cyber criminals operate. Can you give an insight into that? How has the pandemic changed cybercrime?

Ciaran Martin: I think that it has raised the profile of cybercrime in two ways. One is the sheer venality of it. Here in the UK, we saw a very similar spike in attacks as you have done in Australia, as reported by the ACSC. It was things like scams of fake government support schemes, fake PPE, even fake cures, which is particularly sick.

The second thing was that cyber criminals, although

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