Android Privacy Issues Were Discovered in a New Study

A UK team of researchers has carried out a study discovering some privacy issues related to Android smartphones.

Huawei Android devices, Realme, Xiaomi, and Samsung represented the experts’ focus during their . Besides, they also analyzed LineageOS and /e/OS.

Android Privacy Issues: What Is All About?

Regarding the Android privacy issues, the ones who investigated this topic summarized the collected by each Android OS variant in a table that can be found in their research paper.

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Therefore, it seems that some sensitive user information, besides being shared with device vendors, is also being shared with third parties like, for example, Facebook, Linked In, and Microsoft. As we can see from the table above, this shared data includes also:

Persistent identifiers Details related to the application usage Telemetry data

As it comes out from the table, seems to appear almost everywhere, being the most common data receiving end.

With the notable exception of /e/OS, even when minimally configured and the handset is idle these vendor-customized Android variants transmit substantial amounts of information to the OS developer and also to third parties (Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) that have pre-installed system .



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