Android Security: Over 150 Security and Privacy Issues Found on Stalkerware

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: Over 150 Security and Issues Found on Stalkerware

Who stalks the stalkers? When it comes to Android security, stalkerware presents a double risk.

It’s common that stalkerware undermines a target’s privacy. That’s kind of the point. A stalkerware incident often involves someone, such as a spouse, gaining physical access to someone’s smartphone and installing a monitoring app. They then use that to remotely track what another person is doing on the device or spy on where they’re going.

What’s not so widely known is that stalkerware vendors don’t always code their apps correctly.

For instance, ESET found over 150 errors in 58 stalkerware Android apps. Those issues not only further compromised targets’ Android security and privacy, they also put the snoopers themselves at risk.

Read on to learn which weaknesses appeared most frequently in the apps surveyed.

Android Security Stalkerware Problems at a Glance

Out of the 158 issues found, the most common type was insecure transmission of users’ personally identifiable information. This category accounted for 22 vulnerabilities, ranking higher than storing sensitive information on external media and exposing sensitive user information

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