Mitigating Abuse of Android Application Permissions and Special App Accesses

Michael PeckJan 26 · 7 min read

ATT&CK® for Mobile is an ATT&CK matrix of adversary behavior against mobile devices (smartphones and tablets running the Android or iOS/iPadOS operating systems). We started the ATT&CK for Mobile journey with the goal of highlighting the broader mobile threat landscape and adversary behavior exploiting the distinct security architectures in mobile devices. ATT&CK for Mobile was released in 2017 and since then we’ve continued to grow with each new ATT&CK content release, in strong part due to contributions received from many of you in the community.

We’ll be publishing a post formally introducing ATT&CK for Mobile and describing our future plans in the coming weeks and we also plan on posting a series addressing other mobile security technical topics. In this post, we’ll be highlighting how to leverage ATT&CK for Mobile to address abuse of Android application permissions and special app accesses.

Android Permissions and Special App Access in ATT&CK for Mobile

Mobile devices commonly run a variety of applications that have the potential to contain exploitable vulnerabilities or deliberate malicious behaviors. Given these risks, Android (as well as iOS/iPadOS) sandboxes applications, isolating them from one another and from the underlying device. Applications must obtain permission before accessing

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