What Are Common Cyber Threats to Manufacturers and How Can They Secure Themselves

In today’s digital age, manufacturers increasingly rely on technology to run their businesses. However, this dependence also makes them more vulnerable to cyberattacks. Cyber threats come in many forms and…

Report Claims Coinbase Selling User Geolocation Data to ICE

Tech Inquiry’s Jack Paulson has shared startling details about a 3-year contract between the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and crypto exchange Coinbase in its report. According to the…

Google cracks down on sites with ties to hack-for-hire groups in UAE, Russia, India

Currently, over 30 sites have been marked as malicious by Google’s Safe Browsing feature. Google TAG (Threat Analysis Group) has blocked dozens of malicious websites and domains used by hack-for-hire…

Microsoft Spots Updated Cryptomining Malware Tool Targeting Linux Systems

The malware also reportedly features self-propagating capabilities

New 'SessionManager' Backdoor Targeting Microsoft Exchange Servers Worldwide

The malware targeted 24 organizations across Africa, South Asia, Europe and the Middle East

Threat Actor Claims Responsibility For IBM and Stanford University Hack

The module reportedly has desktop takeover capabilities that would be used to get clicks on ads

Trust Key to Space Travel, Like Cybersecurity, Says Astronaut Tim Peake

Peake discusses the importance of trust to successful space missions

Macmillan Attacked with Ransomware

Macmillan Publishers is a worldwide trade publishing firm that operates in over 70 countries and has imprints in a number of different nations across the world, including the United States…

Patch vs Hotfix vs Coldfix vs Bugfix – What’s the Difference, What Do They Fix, and When to Apply Them

Previously, we’ve talked, at length about what a hotfix is, what’s it used for, and how to tell them apart from updates, patches, and other improvements-carrying packages. Today, we’re going…

Cybersecurity experts question Microsoft's Ukraine report

Written by Suzanne Smalley Jul 1, 2022 | CYBERSCOOP Microsoft President Brad Smith spent much of last Wednesday traveling across Washington to promote his company’s sweeping report on the current…