Cloudflare Successfully Thwarted One of The Largest DDoS Attacks

Cloudflare explained that it wasn’t the largest application-layer attack but the largest ever noted in the HTTPS category.

Internet Infrastructure company Cloudflare has mitigated one of the world’s largest distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS attacks) recorded to date. According to Cloudflare’s blog post published on April 27th, the company mitigated a 15.3 million rps (request-per-second) DDoS attack earlier in April 2022.

That’s one of the largest HTTPS DDoS attacks recorded so far. It is worth noting that HTTPS DDoS attacks extract more computing power from the device and tend to be more expensive since creating a secure TLS encrypted connection is far costlier than traditional attacks.

“Therefore it costs the attacker more to launch the attack, and for the victim to mitigate it. We’ve seen very large attacks in the past over (unencrypted) HTTP, but this attack stands out because of the resources it required at its scale,”

Omer Yoachimik and Julien Desgats – Cloudflare

In August 2021, Cloudflare stopped the largest ever recorded DDoS attack involving 1.72 million HTTP rps. This figure was three times larger than all previously registered volumetric DDoS attacks.

Volumetric and Bandwidth Attacks

It is worth noting that volumetric DDoS attacks are different from conventional

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