2021 Wants Another Chance (A Lighter-Side Year in Review)

The year wasn’t ALL bad news. These sometimes cringe-worthy/sometimes laughable cybersecurity and other technology stories offer schadenfreude and WTF opportunities, and some giggles.

Dear everybody who’s developed stress-related hives over the ever-evolving Log4Shell cluster-muck: 2021 has asked us to convey its apologies. And it hastens to add, “Awww, geez, c’mon, it wasn’t all bad.”

Indeed, amid all of the serious cybersecurity developments, the year also brought us chuckle-inducing headlines and behind-the-scenes, sometimes cringe-worthy/sometimes laughable cybersecurity and other technology stories.

Consider the following to be a means of making amends for Log4j attacks and other miseries. Or, at least, consider this collection to be one of those gas-station bouquets of half-dead roses that the year picked up on the way home to present as a peace offering as it begs for another chance.

Punk’d Pirates

There wasn’t just one story of cybercrooks luring cyber-yahoos in with the promise of free movie streaming. There were at least these two:

No Time to Die (And No Desire to Pay for a Ticket): In the first incident, leading up to the release of the latest James Bond movie, No Time To Die, threat actors dangled free movie streams in front of pirate

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