380K Kubernetes API Servers Exposed to Public Internet

More than 380,000 of the 450,000-plus servers hosting the open-source container-orchestration engine for managing cloud deployments allow some form of access.

More than 380,000 Kubernetes API servers allow some kind of access to the public internet, making the popular open-source container-orchestration engine for managing cloud deployments an easy target and broad attack surface for threat actors, researchers have found.

The Shadowserver Foundation discovered the access when it scanned the internet for Kubernetes API servers, of which there are more than 450,000, according to a blog post published this week.

“ShadowServer is conducting daily scans of the IPv4 space on ports 443 and 6443, looking for IP addresses that respond with an ‘HTTP 200 OK status,’ which indicates that the request has succeeded,” according to the post.

Of the more than 450,000 Kubernetes API instances identified by Shadowserver, 381,645 responded with “200 OK,” researchers said. In all, Shadowserver found 454,729 Kubernetes API servers. The “open” API instances thus constitute nearly 84 percent of all instances that that Shadowserver scanned.

Moreover, most of the accessible Kubernetes servers—201,348, or nearly 53 percent–were found in the United States, according to the post.

While this response to the scan does

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