4 Key Questions for Zero-Trust Success

Anurag Kahol, CTO & co-founder at Bitglass, offers tips for avoiding implementation pitfalls for zero trust.

Historically, securing remote access was primarily done using VPNs. However, as enterprises have begun to understand the principles of zero trust, which states that no user may access any data source without first being authenticated, VPNs are proving to be insufficient.

The demand for secure remote access to on-premises resources has been steadily rising for years. However, this need was famously accelerated by the shift to remote work amid the pandemic. Although enterprises have moved more data to the cloud as they seek to embrace various digital transformation initiatives and enable remote work, the need for on-premises resources has persisted, and employees still need secure remote access to this data.

As companies seek to implement a zero-trust network access (ZTNA) solution, there are important considerations that need to be made to avoid common pitfalls, in areas such as performance, data loss protection (DLP), advanced threat protection (ATP), visibility and reporting.

How to Avoid Zero-Trust Security Pitfalls

When comparing ZTNA options, organizations should ask the following four key questions to ensure that the solution is capable of addressing their security needs:

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