Cloudy With A Chance of A Security Breach: Why CWS and XDR Solutions Should Be On Your Radar

Security leaders are constantly looking to further mature their security organization and continuously build up their security department and tech stack. Identifying key risk gaps and areas of exposure is key for helping organizations stay proactive so they can better prepare and protect themselves, even against new threats. 

For many enterprises, the cloud, particularly across cloud workloads, is a space of priority that requires securing.  According to a recent Forester Report, over the next twelve months, “establishing a strategy for public clouds” is one of 3 main priorities for security teams. 

Cloud workloads are the result of many enterprises’ digital transformation and their increased use of cloud-based infrastructure. The recent pandemic forced many of these companies to fast-track their digital transformation projects, especially to support remote workers. This required a major shift into the cloud in order to accommodate an off-prem workforce. Due to the pressing nature, security was not a priority, resulting in higher risk.

Hackers are increasingly targeting cloud workloads, knowing it’s an underserved area in scope of an organization’s security department. Fortunately, CWS, or cloud workload security, solutions exist, and more robust XDR tools can be utilized to improve an organization’s detection and response capabilities. 

Companies need to

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