Convergence Ahoy: Get Ready for Cloud-Based Ransomware

Oliver Tavakoli, CTO at Vectra AI, takes us inside the coming nexus of ransomware, supply-chain attacks and cloud deployments.

The two types of cyberattacks that have dominated the news over the past year have been ransomware, and software and service supply-chain attacks. The former have mainly been perpetrated by criminal enterprises looking to turn a quick profit. In contrast, the latter attacks have primarily been the domain of nation-states looking to expand their information-gathering capabilities.

There’s a good chance these two approaches will start converging — and it’s going to happen in the cloud.

One example of this already happening is the ransomware attack that leveraged Kaseya software – but that was a different kind of supply-chain attack in that the supply chain consisted of the managed security service providers (MSSPs) who were hosting Kaseya software on behalf of their customers. Kaseya itself (unlike SolarWinds) was not hacked, and all the action happened downstream.

Why are ransomware and the supply chain coming together? Historically, what started out as nation-state techniques make their way into pen-testing and red teaming tools and eventually become commoditized in attacks undertaken by hackers seeking profit. There’s no reason to think the

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