Decoding the Data Ocean: Security Threat Context & Natural Language Processing

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REGISTER TODAY! Join security researchers Erick Galinkin of Rapid7 and Izzy Lazerson of IntSights, as they discuss how non-experts can supercharge threat intelligence efforts in ways that were never before possible, with natural language processing.


Start Date:December 14, 2021 at 11:00 AM ET

There’s a sea of unstructured data on the internet relating to the latest security threats:  Threat intelligence reports, tweets, vendor advisories, news sources and many, many other sources. Imagine if you could parse this constant deluge of new information in real time, to discover and add new context to specific cybersecurity threats that impact your business?

That’s possible with natural language processing, or NLP.

Unlike rules-based systems, which work well for specific tasks on structured data within your perimeter, NLP can process and analyze large amounts of data at once — which is a feature that’s already proved its mettle in a variety of settings from translation to chatbots. NLP can also can be of enormous value for cybersecurity applications, and recent advancements have made it accessible to use for those who aren’t professional data analysts.

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