Log4Shell Is Spawning Even Nastier Mutations

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The cybersecurity Hiroshima of the year – the Apache Log4j logging library exploit – has spun off 60 bigger mutations in less than a day, researchers said.

The internet has a fast-spreading, malignant cancer – otherwise known as the Apache Log4j logging library exploit – that’s been rapidly mutating and attracting swarms of attackers since it was publicly disclosed last week.

Most of the attacks focus on cryptocurrency mining done on victims’ dimes, as seen by Sophos, Microsoft and other security firms. However, attackers are actively trying to install far more dangerous malware on vulnerable systems as well.

According to Microsoft researchers, beyond coin-miners, they’ve also seen installations of Cobalt Strike, which attackers can use to steal passwords, creep further into compromised networks with lateral movement and exfiltrate data.

Also, it could get a lot worse. Cybersecurity researchers at Check Point warned on Monday that the evolution has already led to more than 60 bigger, brawnier mutations, all spawned in less than a day.

“Since Friday we witnessed what looks like an evolutionary repression, with new variations of the original exploit being introduced rapidly: over 60 in less than 24 hours,” they said.

The flaw,

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