New Year, New Threats: 4 Tips to Activate Your Best Cyber-Defense

Need a blueprint for architecting a formidable cyber-defense? Kerry Kerry Matre, senior director at Mandiant, shares hers in this detailed breakdown.

As we enter into a new year full of uncertainty, one thing for cybersecurity practitioners remains true: You have a strategic advantage over adversaries. It may sound obvious to say, but they’re launching attacks against you, within your environment, which you control – giving you a fundamental defender’s advantage.

In theory.

Unfortunately though, organizations often struggle to capitalize on this fundamental advantage. So below, inspired by Mandiant’s first-ever published book, The Defender’s Advantage, are four ideas for where to start on cyber-defense activation to get the biggest bang for your security buck – in 2022, and beyond.

Establish Your Cyber-Threat Profile

“The cyber-threat profile is arguably the most important document for a cyber-intelligence program. And most programs either don’t have one or aren’t using it to drive their operations.”

– Andrew Close, Principal Consultant, Intelligence Capability Development, Mandiant

One of the most valuable steps an organization can take is to establish a cyber-threat profile, which is a deep-dive look at your organization’s adversaries, vulnerabilities and risk. The creation of a cyber-threat profile should be based on

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