Shipment-Delivery Scams a Fav Way to Spread Malware

Attackers increasingly are spoofing the courier DHL and using socially engineered messages related to packages to trick users into downloading Trickbot and other malicious payloads.

Threat actors are increasingly using scams that spoof package couriers like DHL or the U.S. Postal Service in authentic-looking phishing emails that attempt to dupe victims into downloading credential-stealing or other malicious payloads, researchers have found.

Researchers from Avanan, a Check Point company, and Cofense have discovered recent phishing campaigns that include malicious links or attachments aimed at infecting devices with Trickbot and other dangerous malware, they reported separately on Thursday.

The campaigns separately relied on trust in widely used methods for shipping and employees’ comfort with receiving emailed documents related to shipments to try to elicit further action to compromise corporate systems, researchers said.

Indeed, this trend has become so prevalent that it even earned DHL the dubious distinction of replacing Microsoft at the top of the Check Point Software list of brands most imitated by threat actors in the fourth quarter of 2021. Scams related to the courier accounted for 23 percent of all phishing emails during that time frame when the company’s name had been attached to only

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