The 5 Most-Wanted Threatpost Stories of 2021

A look back at what was hot with readers in this second year of the pandemic.

As 2021 draws to a close, and the COVID-19 pandemic drags on, it’s time to take stock of what resonated with our 1 million+ monthly visitors this year, with an eye to summing up some hot trends (gleaned from looking at the most-read stories on the Threatpost site).

While 2020 was all about work-from-home security, COVID-19-themed social engineering and gaming (all driven by social changes during Year One of the pandemic), 2021 saw a distinctive shift in interest. Data insecurity, code-repository malware, major zero-day vulnerabilities and fresh ransomware tactics dominated the most-read list – perhaps indicating that people are keenly focused on cybercrime innovation as the “new normal” for how we work becomes more settled in.

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Data Leakapalooza Major Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Code Repository Malware Ransomware Innovations Gaming Attacks Bonus! Zodiac Killer Cipher Cracked 1. The Most-Read Story of 2021: Experian Leaks Everyone’s Credit Scores

There were obviously some huge news stories that dominated headlines during the year: Log4Shell; Colonial Pipeline; Kaseya; ProxyLogon/ProxyShell; SolarWinds. But judging from article traffic, readers were most interested in…the Experian data exposure.

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