The Art of Non-boring Cybersec Training–Podcast

With human error being the common factor in most cyberattacks, employee training has got to get better. To that end, Trustwave cybersec training expert Darren Van Booven explains the importance of fish stress balls and management buy-in.

Log4j, ransomware, cloud vulnerabilities, phishing: Cyber threats are manifold. They all pale, however, in comparison to the security black holes that walk around on two legs.

Studies have shown that nearly all successful breaches stem from human error, be it failure to install security patches before an attacker exploits a vulnerability, lousy passwords, or falling into the web of lies spun in social engineering or phishing attacks.

A 2020 report from Stanford University found that nine out 10 data breaches are caused by users. Research from Stanford University and the security firm Tessian found that approximately 88 percent of all data breaches are caused by an employee mistake. Similar studies have confirmed these results going back for years: A 2014 report from IBM found that human error was “a major contributing cause” in 95 percent of all breaches.

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