Time to Build Accountability Back into Cybersecurity

Chris Hass, director of information security and research at Automox, discusses how to assign security responsibility, punishment for poor cyber-hygiene and IDing ‘security champions’ to help small businesses.

In the age of remote work — where hybrid teams work out of offices, houses and coffee shops using a multitude of devices — presents challenges in terms of understanding who’s responsible for ensuring proper cyber-hygiene across the perimeter-less footprint. Suffice it to say that cybersecurity has become a massive headache for many organizations. It’s also a costly one, with the average breach carrying a price tag north of $4.2 million, according to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach 2021 report.

In addition to monetary considerations, companies that experience a breach also risk damaging their reputations and making headlines for the wrong reasons. The good news is that by taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity, understanding security roles and accountability, investing in the right tools, and following best practices — you can strengthen your organization’s security stance and protect your systems, data, and brand along the way.

Who’s Responsible for Cybersecurity?

Historically, leadership has largely been accountable for cybersecurity and has almost always viewed security as a cost center.

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