Twitch Leak Included Emails, Passwords in Clear Text: Researcher

A researcher combed through the Twitch leak and found what they said was evidence of PayPal chargebacks with names and emails; employees’ emails; and more.

Twitch users, if you haven’t changed your password yet, go. Now. Do it.

Your email and password may already have been leaked – unhashed, unencrypted, in cleartext.

Researchers have been squeezing the live-streaming service’s innards after 135 gigabytes of its internal data were smeared all over 4chan by an anonymous poster on Tuesday.

It’s a horrific leak that included the Amazon-owned service’s source code, comments dating back to the dawn of Twitch time, security tools, an unreleased Amazon Game Studios competitor to Steam (codenamed Vapor), a list of of the highest-paid channels plus how much they were paid (FYI: A channel operated by voice actors took the top spot, making about $10 million in two years), and more.

Emails, Passwords in Plaintext

Since Tuesday, the “and more” has been unpacked to reveal what many experts predicted: Namely, this wasn’t just a direct attack on Twitch, in spite of the attacker calling the service a “disgusting toxic cesspool.”

Rather, it was also an attack on Twitch users, whose

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