Why Healthcare Cybersecurity is Needed to Address Rising Modern Threats

The healthcare industry has undergone a major transformation –  spurred and fast-tracked by COVID. Despite many industries adopting cloud computing and infrastructure providers, the healthcare industry has been a laggard, not investing in these technologies until recently.

However, the need for telehealth has risen dramatically and new technologies, such as cloud-based vendors and infrastructure are facilitating remote care, telehealth, and improved patient recording keeping and processing.

According to Accenture, only 7% of surveyed patients had a healthcare consultation with a healthcare provider at the start of 2020, compared to 32% in 2021. The use of EHR and EMR systems (electronic health records and electronic medical records, respectively) have also increased dramatically since their introduction. In 2020, 89% of physicians surveyed reported using EHR or EMR systems.

This digitalization priority has transformed into an urgency when the COVID-19 pandemic prevented on-premise care from being possible. However, as is often the case, new technology introduces new risks and with the accelerated pace of adoption, due to COVID, healthcare cybersecurity isn’t always at the forefront of procurement and planning.

How COVID-19 need for digitalization is increasing healthcare cybersecurity risk

In a matter of weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic shut down offices, filled up hospitals, and

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